KJ4CFG’s 2 meter mobile rig

At home in or out of the vehicle for use in an emergency, Carl KJ4CFG’s mobile unit is ready for action. Carl writes:

When a disaster strikes, ham radios are pivotal to survival. Operators become community lifelines with hams talking to each other and working with first responders to relay local conditions.  We are very fortunate to have all the PARS guys in our area!

Greg, my unit is basically a two (2) meter unit for emergency issues.  The unit is very portable, easy to use, and works in my truck, boat or workshop (12 VDC or 110 VAC). I also have a larger antenna that is also portable.  I’ve attached a picture (directly from my camera) of the unit as reference.

Carl, thanks for sharing your creation with us!

(Mouse over the picture and click to enlarge)

Carl KJ4CFG's mobile, 2 meter ham rig

Carl KJ4CFG’s mobile, 2 meter ham rig

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