Create Captions Under Photo Gallery Images

This article is for photo galleries that have already been created.  How to create a gallery will be found in another article.

Please note that, on our site, gallery photo captions only show up live on the Web when the user hovers his/her cursor over the particular photo.

Galleries are inserted into a WordPress post or page.  You can click on the gallery component in the post or page and edit the gallery and the images in it.  The step by step instructions below uses the gallery component of the page titled “PARS 2011 Field Day.”

Step 1
Log in.  When logged in you will see a black bar across the top of the WordPress portion of the screen.  Click on “Dashboard.”  You will then see the left hand menu.  Click on Pages > PARS 2011 Field Day (or the page you want to edit.  This how-to only uses that page as the model). You will see the portion of the page shown below. Make sure the “Visual” tab on the right is selected.  (Click on any of these images to enlarge for a better view.)


Step 2
Click inside the dotted rectangle that represents the gallery’s position in the page.  You will see two icons pop up in the upper left corner.  See below:


Step 3
Hover your cursor over the left icon (“Edit Gallery) and click.  Now you will see the gallery which has already been installed and which is currently live on the Web.  See below:


Step 4
You can see the “Caption this image” text boxes under each photo.  This is where you will simply create the captions.  Note:  when viewing live on the Web, your captions do not display under the photos.  You have to hover your cursor over the photo to view captions.  When editing captions you will have to experiment with the maximum number of characters so that none of it wraps to out of the dark shaded area or below the fold.  Note that capital letters are often fatter and will take up more space than a lower case equivalent.  Spaces and punctuation marks count as characters.  You will have noticed that the space is limited and there will be photos with multiple members and therefore it’s not possible to list each person’s name and call.  Important:  Always check your work using the “Preview” button in the right column before you make your changes go live.  You do that by first clicking on the blue Update Gallery Button in the right column.  Don’t forget the Update Gallery button.  It’s easy to do when focused on your photos.  Now you can see the Preview button.  Click that and it will open another browser window with what your current page would look like when saved.  If you have what you want, you’re ready to go live.  If you still need to tweak things, start over at Step 3.

Step 5
Update your work and go live.  First, click on the blue Update Gallery Button in the right column.  Then click on the blue Update button in the right column.  Don’t forget the Update button.  It’s easy to do.

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