Welcome to PARS, The Pamlico Amateur Radio Society!

Jamie KJ4JK with a Youngster on Field Day, Pondering a Decision.

Attracting youth to the joys of Ham Radio is important to PARS members. You don't just sign up for a Ham Radio account. It isn't free. It takes some dedication. And you'll feel good about yourself when you pass that test!

Ron, Chris W4SLH and Bill K2ONN setting up for Field Day

Ham Radio Field Day is a once-a-year event held on a weekend in June where Hams can test equipment and compete with other clubs worldwide. Operators work off the grid, with electricity supplied by portable generators, and hang antennas in trees.

Tom K8TF Has the Interest of Two Potential Hams on Field Day

There's Facebook, Twitter and all the others, but Ham Radio is the original talking and sharing activity-- with a good dose of nerdiness thown in for all to enjoy.

Ellie KI4ELE and Priscilla N4TNP work a contact

Women represent about 15% of the U.S. Ham population. Women also have their own association, YLRL, to encourage and assist women Hams. The YLRL sponsors scholarships, offers various awards and certificates and holds on-the-air contests, nets and conventions.

We invite guests and members to browse our pages.

PARS is a group of Amateur Radio enthusiasts located in Eastern North Carolina. We are an active and involved group of Hams. Here's a map that locates Pamlico County. We would welcome you to join us at one of our regular monthly meetings to find out about Ham radio. You'll get plenty of friendly encouragement and support from our members to begin your path toward becoming a Ham. If you're already a licensed Ham, you'll enjoy the fellowship of our group.
We meet at Brantley's Village Restaurant in Oriental at 9am on the last Saturday of each month, except June.

Pamlico Amateur Radio Society
P.O. Box 272
Oriental, NC 28571