Create a New PARSgram Post


To create a new PARSgram post, simply copy the content of the newsletter edition right from your email message and paste it into a new post.  If you can use Microsoft Word you can handle this easily.  This may seem complicated to you at first glance, but it is not.  It will only take about 120 seconds or less after you’ve done it the first time. Here’s how:

  1. You need to have “Editor” or “Administrator” role
  2. Open and have ready to copy the PARSgram email installment you want to copy into the Website
  3. Log into the site at
  4. In the left hand menu, go to Posts  >  Add New (Note: make sure you are working under Posts and not Pages.  They are different!
  5. Title box:  Type in PARSgram and the date.  Note:  this is the date of the PARSgram email newsletter installment– not the current date.  The convention is PARSgram yyyy-mm-dd.  Example:  PARSgram 2015-09-14.
  6. In your PARSgram email message, shade and copy the whole message
  7. Body of New Post:  place your cursor in the upper left corner of the body window and hit CTRL + V (which is “paste”) or right click and select “Paste.”
  8. Note:  don’t hit the blue “Publish” button until the very end.  Use the “Preview” button at any time to see what your post will look like when it’s live.
  9. Now you’re going to set the date of your new post.
    1. If you’re creating the PARSgram post on the same day as the PARSgram email date of issue, skip this and go to #10.
    2. If you’re creating the PARSgram post on a date that’s later than the date of the email, go to the right column to Publish >  Publish immediately >  Edit.  Then just edit the publish date to correspond with the date of the actual PARSgram email.  Don’t bother with the time– it’s not relevant.  Make sure to hit the OK button!
  10. Now put your post in the “PARSgram” category.  Go farther down the right column to the Categories box and check PARSgram.
  11. Now credit Jim as the author.  In the middle of the page, toward the bottom, go down and find the Author box.  In the drop-down menu, select daysailor— which is Jim’s username.  Otherwise the post will appear under your username.
  12. Lastly, before you hit the blue Publish button in the right column, check your work.
  13. When satisfied, hit the Publish button.  Your page is now live.
  14. If you find an error later on, even after you have logged out, you can go back and log in.  Then go to Posts  >  All Posts and select the title of your PARSgram post and the Edit page will open.  Make your correction, check in Preview, and only then hit Publish.
  15. Note that PARSgrams are viewable only to logged in members.  They are not for the public.  So don’t check the “Unblock this post” box in the “Posts Restriction” block at the top of the right column.


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